Jaribu Africa
Together We Make a Family
Together we make a family

Jaribu Africa

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Lend a Hand to Africa’s War-Torn Communities

“War is the greatest plague that can affect humanity,” Dr. Martin Luther King once said. It is unfortunate that the ones that are most affected by it are the mothers and children who lose their husbands and fathers to the violence.

Jaribu Africa was established in Raleigh to offer these unfortunate victims of conflict rebuild their lives. We provide them with basic needs such as food and clothing. More importantly, our organization works at giving them a livelihood such as selling tomatoes, fresh water, and soap.

Our Board of Trustees and directors are here in the United States to gather donations and most staff members are working in our base of operations in Africa.

About Our Founder

Jaribu Africa was founded by Jean Ngoyi, a Raleigh resident who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He finished his study in Africa and currently attending school at Wake Tech Community College.

Jean has experienced the struggles of creating a decent life in a country ravished by fighting, and he aims to help his countrymen out through the organization he founded in North Carolina.