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 Friends and Supporters.

If you want to know all information regarding our community of Uvira City and Great Lakes Countries or to donate, please click on links below and then make your donation to save our people.

 "Uvira city"Democratic Republic of Congo.


Areas we serve in the poor region of Africa: "Uvira city"Democratic Republic of Congo,and "Kabezi City" Republic of Burundi.

Your support is more important to us.

Feel free to share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter.Email to family and friends too! 


Volunteer Form:

Jaribu Africa, Inc.

Volunteer Representative Form [Widows and Orphans Project]

I,…………………………………………….., would like to be a volunteer representative of Jaribu Africa, Inc. and I will work such as a volunteer to help the Widows and Orphans in the poor region of Africa without thinking the pay from Jaribu Africa, Inc. I will use the same criteria of Jaribu Africa, Inc. to apply for grants or any organizations for gain. All contributions and donations that I will receive will be sent to the beneficiaries of project, widows and orphans.

Please fill out the form below to take the step in becoming a volunteer representative .A member

Of our staff will contact you to discuss the program.

First Name: ___________________________ Last Name: _________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City: ____________State/Country: ___________ zip code: ________Phone: ( ) _____________

Male: _____ Female: _____

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone :( )_______________________ Tel: ( ) _______________________________


All representatives will respect the rules and regulations of Jaribu Africa, Inc.

Volunteer Representative Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________

Staff Signature: ______________________________________________ date: _______________


Yes: ___ Date: ______________

No: ___ Date: ______________

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